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Fitness & Meditation Bootcamp
Fitness & Meditation Retreat

Feel Great! Get active and Meditate. Our Fitness and Meditation Retreat will show you that you can be fit, eat healthy, and Relax! A weekend of self discovery and planning your daily life to suit you! Coming soon in 2018

Meditation With Friends Online
Meditation Online With Friends

Meet fellow meditators and stay in the comfort of your own home, meditate with us online. A great opportunity for you to stay in touch with your facilitator. Join us and stay motivated in your meditation practice.

Meditation Digital Audios
Meditation Digital Audios

Experience lovely, nurturing audio Mp3 Meditations. Easy download. Easy to follow. Easy listening. Created and spontaneously guided by your facilitator Natalie Jaye.

Meditation Workshops
Meditation Workshops

A workshop that will encourage you to develop your own daily meditation practices. You will learn everything from correct postures, breathing techniques, to different styles of meditations that suit you.

Welcome To On Track Meditation

We have audio meditations, workshops, bootcamps & meditation classes. You can also book your next charity event with us!

Our online booking system has easy payment options so you can register into one of our courses or programs at any time.

Feel welcome to browse through and if you need any assistance, send me an email and I will be happy to help you.

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